About Dr Kate Connolly

As one of the few practitioners in Australia who holds professional qualifications in chiropractic, naturopathy and kinesiology, I’m uniquely placed to help you optimise your health.

BSc, BChiroScience, MChiroprac, AdvDip. Naturopathy, AdvDip. Herbal Medicine, Certified Practitioner: Applied Kinesiology.

My decision to become a chiropractor was based on intuition, and occurred when I was just 21 and had never experienced a chiropractic treatment myself.


During the four years of study involved, I suffered from eczema and anxiety, and struggled to find anything to help me. The many medical creams and treatments I tried provided temporary relief, but ultimately resulted in my symptoms becoming worse.


Then I experienced kinesiology, and as my skin condition healed and my mood problems lifted, my eyes were opened to whole new levels of healing and a deeper understanding of the changes that the body and mind are capable of.


As a result, I added training in kinesiology to my healing repertoire, and have never looked back.


Since then, I’ve continued to seek out new and better ways to help my clients shape their life and their health, and have also become qualified in naturopathy, herbal medicine and a range of energetic healing techniques.


Having such a wide variety of skills to draw on gives me an in-depth understanding about how the body works and how best to help it heal.


Today, I use a combination of chiropractic, naturopathy, kinesiology and energy healing, to help identify what your body needs and help you consciously create a new reality for yourself, regardless of your age and whether you’re suffering from weight issues, fertility problems, learning difficulties or any other health condition.


Appointments are available at my clinic in Terrey Hills near Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and in Pearce in the ACT.

About Antonia Swift


BSc Biochem, BSc Anat. MChiro

My name is Antonia Swift and I’ve just moved to the Northern Beaches from the Blue Mountains where I ran a multidisciplinary practice for the past 9 years. Over this time my practice developed into being a highly collaborative one as I had the pleasure of working with professionals from other modalities and together we treated the whole person. 


This has allowed me to appreciate the complexity of the human experience and how I can support that process when addressing a wide range of conditions in patients from learning difficulties to musculoskeletal and metabolic issues.


Over my 20 years in practice and now at Natural Health Works in Belrose I use Applied Kinesiology, non-manipulative chiropractic, NET- neuro-emotional technique, cranio-sacral therapy, RNR - retained neonatal reflexes, biochemistry and nutritional balancing. 


These techniques allow me to delve into the cause(s) of the symptoms and then tailor the combination of therapy best suited to the individual. 

Book now using my online booking system or by phoning 1800 601 036.

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