Kinesiology and energetic healing are powerful tools for identifying and clearing imbalances and bringing your body, mind and spirit into alignment.

One of the cornerstones of my healing philosophy is that your spiritual self and subconscious mind govern all aspects of your physical and structural wellbeing.

Think of these aspects of yourself as an attractor field, which broadcasts the grand total of all your personal experiences, family history, thoughts and emotions out into the world at a vibrational level, and in turn attracts more of what you’ve taught or programmed yourself to expect.


If you’re unhappy with any aspect of your life (including your health, your eating habits, your work or your life path), then the odds are you’re sending out vibrations that aren’t serving you – most likely because your subconscious mind is trying to protect you from harm or teach you more about yourself.


When you’re stuck in this pattern, it can be almost impossible to imagine an alternative in which your life could be not just better, but the best life possible for you.


And if you can’t imagine something, you can’t feel the emotions of it or radiate the possibility of it at an energetic level, making it impossible for you to attract it.

That’s why I incorporate kinesiology and energetic healing techniques into my treatments.


These simple, non-invasive techniques work to restore physical, emotional and energetic harmony and clear the subconscious mind of unhelpful patterns and beliefs.


Ultimately, they help you get out of your own way, giving you the space to once again create a vibrant and exciting vision for your health and your future, whether that involves entering a marathon, attaining a healthy weight, commencing your dream career, or having a baby.


The sky is the limit!



To start co-creating your future and clear any energetic blocks that are holding you back, book an appointment online or by phoning 1800 601 036.

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