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Days 1 and 2 of my TV free week…

Kate Swincer - Thursday, July 23, 2015

Okay! So my first two days of being without TV have been interesting.  The first night, I actually looked after myself by having a relaxing bath and reading my book and (God forbid!) did some work.  It actually felt really good to have something to do other than tuning out.

Before starting this week I was aware that when you give up one addiction, it is all too easy to find another one.  So this was an interesting challenge on my first night.  The obvious traps for me though, were the current book I am reading and Facebook.  Despite having an account, it was a relief to me to find that spending hours on Facebook wasn’t very appealing.  My book, however, was a different story.  I felt like I spent most of my evening reading.  Does that mean that I was numbing with something else? Or just reading something interesting?  And what’s the difference?

For me the biggest difference between the two appears to be the motivation behind them.  Am I going towards intellectual stimulation with the book or am I going away from being in the present moment?  I have to admit it was possibly a bit of both.  But that begs the question; if I don’t watch TV, spend time on the internet, read my book or do housework, what can I do? 

Being an extrovert, I get my energy from spending time with others. I am a single mum, living with my 2 children, who I adore. But let’s be honest, it’s different from having another adult around. I have quite a few hours to pass between putting my children to bed and when I turn in.  For me, watching TV has always been a way to have company (in a bizarre way). It is also a way to add noise to an otherwise very quiet household.  I could play music instead, but music doesn’t sound like there are other people are in the house spending time with me.  Essentially what I’ve realised is that, for a while, when the TV is on I can pretend I’m not alone.  During the day, I don’t find myself alone very often.  But when my children are in bed, TV has been a very convenient way for me to forget that. For at least a few hours every night. 

And I know, I know, I’m not actually alone in the true sense of the word.  I have my higher self, my guides, the universal helpers that are with me constantly. But I don’t know about you, having everyday conversations with them doesn’t always do it for me.  I also don’t want to get a housemate or someone else to try and fill this “I am alone” hole.  I also, most importantly, don’t want to be filling said hole with food instead.  So the best thing I can do is to try and do things that I otherwise can’t get done during the day.  This for me is very much a work in progress, as I feel that after a long day, all I want to do is relax. But as I am essentially housebound, what I can do feels quite limited.

The positive aspects of my new TV free week seem to be that I have way more patience for my children.  I have noticed a degree of this before when I’ve spent a few days without TV, but this seems different.  There is nothing to take my attention away from them. They know that they can’t watch it either so we have to spend quality time with each other. 

We are all a bit thrilled about this actually.  I also have much less interest in food, which is also not surprising as watching TV tends to make people more hungry.  So far I am also sleeping a bit better and feel more relaxed which is never a bad thing! So onto days 3 and 4…


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