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Kate Swincer - Tuesday, November 03, 2015


Impatience is a sign of hurrying, hurrying is a sign of worrying, worrying is a sign of fear, and fear is a sign, (put their name in), that someone has temporarily forgotten that it's never too late to change their thoughts and, therefore, their "things." 

Glad we could straighten that out, 
    The Universe

I love this quote because it summarises one of the laws of attraction and manifestation and what “not to do”.

I recently found out that the owners of the house I am living in need to sell in a hurry and wanted me to find a new house within a month.  Now if that isn’t a definition of impatience I don’t know what is!  They were taking the energies of their landlord who in turn would like to sell the property my landlords are renting.  The effect of dominoes had it where I had a decision to make.  Do I fight this, knowing that they are breaking the lease, or do I go with it and see what the universe has to offer?

I’m very lucky to be surrounded by some amazing people, so when I called them in a panic (as soon as I found out) they were good enough to give me some options on what I could do with such short notice.

And as luck (or divine intervention) would have it, within 24 hours I had found my new home.  After having to move earlier in the year and starting the process in a state of impatience and panic I realised that this wasn’t the way to go. 

So I put the laws of manifestation into practice:

  1.  I put it out there that what I wanted was something “better” for me (by asking the universe what I wanted and really imagining and feeling how it would be getting what I want);
  2. Put some adverts up on facebook and other places (putting my car “into gear”), and then… 
  3. I WAITED and TRUSTED that it would all work out.

Waiting and trusting has always been the hardest thing for me, as that involves detaching from the outcome I really want.  When trying to manifest something, detaching is the most important thing.  Detaching from details, from what the exact outcome needs to be is the only way for the universe to send you in the right direction.  If you put conditions on it, or stipulations on how it “has to be” then your choices and your ability to make things happen diminishes significantly.

SO, as it happens, I need to move.  My moving date is the 20th of November.  Why?  Because the universe wants me somewhere different.  Even if that reason is unseen at this point, I trust that it is the best thing for me and my family, and of course YOU.  My valued client.

So as of November 20th, our new address will be:

58 Cooyong Road, Terrey Hills.

Of course, our phone number and website remain unchanged.  I really hope you can join me in the next chapter of Natural Health Works’ journey.  To celebrate I have put out a Spring Detox special, and soon after we move in I will have an Open Day so everyone can see the new premises.

Yours in Health

Kate and Aileen


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