Intuitive Eating Online Course

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Intuitive Eating Online Course


Join Kate for 8 sessions of learning how to trust yourself and tune into your own body for health and happiness.

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This course is an in-depth look at how you live your life and how you can intuitively look after yourself everyday.  Get rid of any sabotaging around food habits, regardless of where they have come from.  You will be able to start to overcome your belief patterns around how you see yourself, and how you can heal your relationships to others and yourself so you can eat how you were always supposed to. You will get free access to our private Facebook group to have support and connection through this very personal and healing experience.

In these 8 modules you will get:

  1. Getting to know self – a daily diary, a meditation on acceptance of self and some star charts to get real with where you are at

  2. Balancing exercise/food/sleep – I will show you how to balance these intuitively so that you have the best chance at eating well

  3. Sabotaging patterns – Learn which patterns are creating your sabotaging around food and use a powerful meditation to heal this

  4. Personal/family/relationship influences – How to deal with your people and your relationships while you go through this transformation of learning about yourself

  5. Intuitive connection – I will show you how to intuitively connect to yourself to help remove the noise and tune in everyday

  6. Acceptance/forgiveness/love process – This amazing healing process will help you deal with anything that comes up that is affecting your daily habits

  7. Processing emotions – Learn how to process in real-time so you don’t carry your emotional baggage (and then sabotage your eating) with you

  8. Following through in life and biochemical balancing – Learn how to use these tools everyday as well as some detox tips for some added help!